Ascii cobol programming reference manual

Professional Programmer's Guide to Fortran77

We are processing IBMEnterprise Japanese COBOL source code.

Unicode - Japanese COBOL Code rules for G literals and identifiers.

The rules that describe exactly what is allowed in G type literals, and what are allowed for identifiers are unclear.

TOPS-10/TOPS-20 <em>COBOL</em>-68 Language <em>Manual</em> -

B Language Reference Manual - Thinkage

The IBM manual indicates that a G'....' literal must have a SHIFT-OUT as the first character inside the quotes, and a SHIFT-IN as the last character before the closing quote.

TOPS-10/TOPS-20 COBOL-68 Language Manual -

Our COBOL lexer "knows" this, but objects to G literals found in real code.

Ascii cobol programming reference manual:

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