Dyson root cyclone dc07 animal manual

Dyson DC07

As long as u keep it clean,, these points corolate to the transistor,, A B C SOLDER AND A C WITH A FINE PIECE OF WIRE NOW,, AND WALLAH... WTF - all you are going to do there is bypass the safety cut out mechanism desned to protect the motor and then you'll eventually burn it out ... well push these little beauties gently in with a flat end screw driver, work your way around the three gently - you dont want to be breaking the plastic skeleton that the material slides over - remove the material section of the filter by sliding off .....

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Fixed put it all back together again,,, charge the battery,, and your away,,, working again,, if not u have other faults.. For those of us whose eyes glaze over at the mention of a soldering iron, I have an alternative suggestion. Hi dc16 totaly agree its the magnet,but no need to strip or go soldering,look where pk up is in the filter and you will see it flex's into housing so when vac on it pulls filter away,simply mark housing(the orange part)and pack with blue tac to stop filter pulling away from magnet regards steve Before resorting to the strip down and solder method which could well be the second option firstly simply take out the filter and wash leave overnht to dry before reinstalling, secondly and this is all I needed to do to solve my DC30 cutting out after a few seconds, it is so obvious its embarrassing take out the battery clean the battery contacts and also the receiving contacts inside the dyson Oh sweet Mary.... tap that bad boy out and see the years of crud come out.

<i>Dyson</i> Ball <i>Animal</i> Canister Vacuum with Tools

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i just found a fix for this ,, its mad how easy it is to fix as well..it works 100%,,, now dyson implemented a filter magnetic switch if u take your filter off you will see a small magnet in the corner,, u will notice where the magnet is behind it is rased platic,, now,,that the problem on the main board the transistor that picks up magentic snal from the filter is dud,! now take off collection pot for dust now take battery off.

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Now where the serial number is theres 2 hex screws that need taking out.. remove with one tiny security screw holding it in,, once removed pull both red plug off thats the dital motor plug..

Dyson root cyclone dc07 animal manual:

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