2000 audi a6 quattro 6 speed manual

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The first is the A6 2.7T with a 250-horsepower, twin-turbo V6 engine. Are the horsepower increases enough to satisfy even the most velocity-addicted auto journalist? But they are considerable improvements, and a potential buyer of a luxury sedan should take serious note. The 2.7T engine is fitted with two small turbos and twin intercoolers.

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For perspective, a current Accord V6 will do the same feat in less than 8 seconds and a Jeep Grand Cherokee V8 in about 7.3 seconds. There are two new models complementing the existing A6 2.8 and A6 2.8 Avant. Displacing 2.7 liters, this V6 is a modified version of the 2.8-liter V6 found in the A6 2.8.

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There are things that automotive journalists say or write with regular frequency. And that is, "This thing has too much horsepower." I'm dead serious — that phrase has never, ever escaped the mouth of a moto-weenie. The six-speed is standard and the automanual is a no-cost option.

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So is "supple materials" and "Hey, who took my sandwich? This twin-turbo engine is connected to either a six-speed manual or five-speed Tiptronic automanual transmission.

2000 audi a6 quattro 6 speed manual:

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