Brother xl 3030 manual

Brother CS6000i Manual

You may be able to enlarge the manual page: Brother XL 3030 User Manual Page 60 The hook (half-moon piece) needs to go in first, but you may need to wgle it to seat it and then hold it while you fasten the outer retaining ring (hook race). Get the correct bobbins, clean the hook area where the bobbin thread is picked up.

Brother XL-3030 Manuals

How to Clean and Maintain your Sewing Machine at Home Front Loading Bobbin FWIW, my machine oiling instructions say to apply a drop of good quality oil on the outer edge of the hook race lip where the hook rubs as it turns. Possibility of further damage is hh using parts meant for a different machine.

<i>BROTHER</i> XL-<i>3030</i> OPERATION <i>MANUAL</i> Pdf


Never use bobbins that are not made for your machine.

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Use a tooth brush in and around the area where the bobbin fits.

Brother xl 3030 manual:

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