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Note#6 Some Modules you have Loaded Still Need to be Turned ONAfter you have confirmed in the Modules Tab, Modules like MLV Sound( and MLV Raw Video( has to be toggled on in the respective Raw Video and Sound Tabs. Note#7 MLV Sound When MLV Sound is ON, a separate WAV file is generated at the framerate determined by your FPS setting in Canon Menu.

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When FPS Override is used, only the framerate of raw video is affected, the WAV file will remain either 24fps or 30fps depending on the FPS setting in canon menu.

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Guide to Installing ML on 5D mk II for shooting with MLV Raw Video with Sound As of March 27, 2014. Connection to the internet for downloading needed firmware and apps4. USB Card Reader, USB3.0 UDMA7 Compliant recommended.

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---NOTE: content for this post still being updated-----A.)-What You Need1. Note#1 on Using USB Card Reader Some CF cards like the affordable Komputer Bay 64g 1000X and hher, are known to become corrupted and is not compatible with card readers that are USB2.0. D.)- Installing ML on Your Camera Installation:1) Format the card from the camera.2) Make sure you are running Canon firmware Copy ML files on the card and run Firmware Update. Place CF back into Camera, Turn ON, press live view, press trash bin icon to bring up ML menu, if you see the Magic Lantern info screen, just press trash bin again, you can navate this menu via joystick(multicontroller), control dials, set button and the picture style button to access sub menus in ML. With Camera ON and in Liveview, press Trash Bin to bring up ML menu, 2.

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