Yaesu vx 150 manual

Yaesu VX-7R - Radio Equipment VHF-UHF

Any thing you folks can tell me will be a GREAT help. - omit leading one(1) scanner will provide that and reject if you enter.

Monoband VHF walkie YAESU VX-150 keyboard + FAST CHARGER VAC.

Press F immediately, long enough to hear 2 beeps turn (rht) knob to select channel - you have 15 seconds only press F to hear long beep Many entries are time sensitive so you have to press the key for so long and then complete your action in a certain amout of time - to scan press MR then press up arrow - sometimes it wants to scan all freqencies instead of your channels just do it again and you should see your channels. Lock one channel - press MR then turn rht knob to select channel There are no banks.

<i>Yaesu</i> VX-7R - Radio Equipment VHF-UHF

OPERATING MANUAL - Repeater Builder

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Yaesu vx 150 manual:

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